Welcome to Hudson Vista,
A rare outdoor landscaped space with spectacular city views. Located very close the West Side Highway, there are few neighbors which makes it ideal for events without the worry of ending the night early or holding back on the noise.

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Updates for 2010 season:
- The size of the roof will be expanded by 30%.
- A new refrigerator and water cooler has been installed.
- The gazebo will be relocated to the Northeast corner.
- All plants have survived the harsh winter.
- Colorful annuals and perenials will be planted.
- Large movie screen
- Over 3,000 square feet of inside space is now available for weather insurance or as a separate venue.
- A perimeter galvanized wire fence is being installed above the parapet to provide greater safety. The fence will have festive white lights and climbing yellow roses.

Canvas Gazebo, Fountain, Indirect Lighting

Electricity (400 amps), Two Air Conditioned Holding Areas, Two Private Baths (One With Shower), Lighting and Audio Resources, Carpentry Shop, Large Freight Elevator (8x10) Tailgate Accessible, Electric Grill, Space Manager on Site, Security, Cleanup Services and Garbage Removal

Terms of Service:
Security deposit [minimum 50% of rental] paid with certified check, cash or credit card
Proof of liability insurance

Multiple rentals and longer term rates are negotiable

Contact for Rates:
Phone: (212) - 279 - 0732
Email: carryhot@aol.com

511 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001